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Kynar Tubing

Kynar® PVDF compound is an economical alternative to Teflon®, (PTFE, PFA, and FEP) tubing for applications not requiring heat resistance. Kynar possesses excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals. The high purity material is the ideal tubing for a variety of applications requiring an odorless and tasteless tube. There are multiple grades of Kynar resins available. Some of these are used in rigid pipe applications. Freelin-Wade uses the most flexible grade available.

FEP Plastic Tubing

When you’re looking for a combination of high heat resistance, chemical resistance and affordability, Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) is a smart option that offers all three of these features and more. FEP tubing from Freelin-Wade is available in a wide variety of packaged lengths. It is a solid alternative to Teflon tubing and can be made into self-retracting coils.

Close to no moisture absorption
Easy to clean
Ideal for food contact applications
A wide temperature range means that it can be used in harsh environments where you may have never considered plastic tubing before
Flexibility that makes it is easy to install in nearly any application
An economical alternative to Teflon® tubing