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Multi-stage Pumps
AX Pumps

Part Number:  Z, 18, 18B19, 12, 12B19, 12S24D, 12S24DB19, 312, F18, F18B19, F18PS, F18PSB, F18PSB19, F18S24D, F18S24DB19, F18SB24D, F180S24D, F180SB24D, Manifolds

  • Modular design allows stacking up to four pump capacities.
  • Wide-range ejector nozzles can operate from 45 to 87 psi (3-6 bar).
  • Operate at lower air pressure so fluctuations in plant air pressure will not affect vacuum pump performance.
  • Multi-stage pump modules for fast evacuation and greater efficiency.
  • Integrated solenoid valves eliminate extra plumbing. Low power 24V DC 1.3W Coils are employed to reduce loads on PLC controllers.
  • Choose from solenoid controlled blow-off with adjustable flow control.
  • Integrated solenoid controlled blow-off with adjustable flow control.
  • Automatic blow-off module for single-input control.
  • Choose from four different vacuum switches for system monitoring.
  • Replaceable vacuum filters.
  • Manifold versions with 1-10 stations and choice of common or separate air supply to all stations plus control and sensing options.
  • Manifolds include piped exhaust. Exhaust silencer(s) are optional.
  • High-quality finish includes anodizing or electroless nickel plating, stainless steel fasteners and tie-rods plus glass-reinforced PPS pump modules and valve plate.
  • Choose from many standard EDCO pump bases or select the "Z" zero base option for integration into your custom design.
  • AX Pumps come fully factory-assembled and ready for installation.

Chip Pumps

Part Number:  AA, A, B, C, D, G, M, Z, ZS

Chip pumps provide the performance you expect from a multi-stage,
multi-ejector, air powered vacuum pump. To increase pump capacity we
simply add another pump module to the assembled stack. Our standard
seal and valve elastomer is Nitrile, but we also off Viton and E.P.D.M.
seal materials.

EDCO Chip Pumps are offered with twelve standard base configurations
plus a "Z" option for no base at all.

We have selected 40% glass-filled Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS, Ryton)
for its extremely high strength, light weight and chemical resistance.
The pumo body, ejector nozzles and "A" and "B" bases are all made of PPS to eliminate chemical compatibility problems caused when different
materials are used for parts within the same vacuum pump. All other
bases are made of anodized aluminum for thos applications requiring
maximum ruggedness or a larger capacity vacuum pump.

Fasteners are 304 series stainless steel.

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Classic Pumps

Part Number: Basic, 2PS, 2PSB, 2S24D, 2SB24D, 20S24D, 20SB24D, SM, SMS, RT

  • EDCO offers 6 different ejector series (A, E, L, M, ML & X)
  • EDCO offers 8 different pump capacities

Classic Mini Pumps

Part Number:  See link below for more information

Material: Nitrile or Viton
25, 50, 75, 100mm
See pump fitting section for available threads

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Dual Base Classic Pumps

Part Number:  See link below for more information

Cup Material: Nitrile, Silicone or Viton
200, 300, 320, 400, 480, 640
Ports: NPTF or BSPP

Blank or Non-Return available

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Triple Base Classic Pumps

Part Number:  See link below for more information

Sizes: 200-300, 400-600, 700-900
Piloted Supply Valve, Solenoid Supply Valve, Piloted Variable Capacity and Solenoid Variable Capacity

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Quad Base Classic Pumps

Part Number:  See link below for more information

Sizes: 400, 500-800, 900-1200
Piloted Supply Valve, Solenoid Supply Valve, Piloted Variable Capacity and Solenoid Variable Capacity

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VG and VQ Pumps

Part Number:  See link below for more information

VG-Series and VQ-Series multi-stage pumps are designed as a drop-in interchange for similarly shaped competitors' pumps.

Externally removable, one-piece valves and one-piece, fully machined aluminum
bodies to eliminate loose parts.

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Single Stage Pumps
ER Pumps

Part Number:  ER2010, Vacuum Bar, T18F, T12F, SM Micro Pump, Inline Pump, DER18-PS, DER18-PSB, DER18-S24D, DER18-SB24D

The main components of ER series vacuum pumps are compact, screw-in, single-stage venturis (nozzle sets) that are available in six different capacities. The nozzles are easy to remove for cleaning. Fourteen body configurations allow choosing the style that best fits an application but performance is solely based on which venturi is selected. Low air consumption makes exhaust noise minimal. As such, silencers are not necessary.

EV Pumps

Part Number:  EV05HS, EV10HS, EV15HS, EV20HS

EV single stage vacuum generators provide a compact, lightweight,
low-cost vacuum source for pick and place and material handling
applications. The simple two-piece design allows ingested debris to
exit the exhaust port. The optional ST, straight-through, exhaust
silencer is a no-clog design that will pass ingested debris to

J Pumps

Part Number:  Basic, PS, PSB, S24D, SB24D

J series vacuum pumps provide performance interchanges for European brand GV pumps. EDCO J series pumps use robust aluminum bodies instead of plastic. Single-stage venturis in five different capacities from 1.2 mm to 3.0 mm allow using J series vacuum pumps in larger systems with a greater number of vacuum cups. Because of higher air consumption, exhaust silencers are always necessary

Rail Systems

The 1-1/2" X 3" aluminum extrusion profiles include 3/8" NPSF ports at
each end. One port is for air supply and the other for a plug or a
pressure gauge. Rails are drilled to mount modules on center-to-center
distances to your specifications. The minimum recommended spacing is
1-1/2" (38.1 mm) but is also dependent on vacuum cup diameter. Pilot port
fittings, zone tubing and 3-way air solenoid pilot valves must be
installed by the system integrator because of the many possible

Single side and double side assembly options available.

Vacuum sensor option available
SM Pumps

Part Number:  SM24-38

  • Compact Size
  • Light Weight: 0.35 lbs.
  • Economical
  • Maintenance Free
  • Energy Efficient
  • Quiet Operation
  • High Flowrate
  • Brass Nozzle
  • Anodized Aluminum Body
  • Through Holes for Mounting
  • 100 psi Max Air Supply
  • Stainless Fasteners
  • All Metal Construction
  • Multi-characteristic pump with three operating pressures

Mini System also available

V Pumps

Part Number:  Basic - V10-60, V10-90, V10-100, V10-150, V20-60, V20-90, V20-100,
V20-150, V80-200, V80-250, V90-300, V90-350, Automatic Blow-off - V10X, V20X, V80X

V series vacuum pumps are available in 24 models with anodized aluminum bodies plus 12 cartridge models for integration into custom vacuum manifold systems. EDCO USA single-stage pumps provide the instantaneous response common to air operated devices in addition to being compact, light, and cost-effective. Rugged, all-metal construction provides years of trouble-free service.

Vacuum Grippers

Part Number:  VG18, VG38, VGP38

VG Models - Options available include: Purge option, Sensor Port option, M4 Plate Mount feature, Swivel Mount feature, T-Nut Kits and Cup Fitting adaptors.

VGP Models - Options available include a variety of mount options and PP or LP purge options.

Dual Venturi Vacuum Grippers

Exhaust adaptor, PP or LP Purge options, and either standard M4 plate or swivel mount options available.

Variable Displacement Pumps

VDS vacuum pumps can provide over 20" Hg (68 kPa) and their straight
through, non-clog design is ideal for very dusty and dirty applications
such as bag filling or handling ceramics or masonry products. The
square body and two mounting holes makes the VDS pump easy to attach to
any flat surface. A straight through silencer will not accumulate debris
and will pass it out with the exhaust air.

Air Amplifier
CD-500H Air Amplifier

CD-style pumps use the Coanda effect to draw in large volumes of ambient air in relation to the small amount of compressed air consumed. Applications include blow-drying, ventilation and handling highly porous but lightweight parts.

The Coanda principle employs a nozzle that causes high velocity compressed air to cling to its shaped airfoil wall. Ambient air is drawn into the inlet and down into the center of the vortext formed by the Coanda nozzle so that the discharge air flow at the exhaust is much greater than the compressed air consumption.

Transfer Tubes
D-Series Material Transfer Pumps

Part Number: D2-3, D3-3, D3-6, D5-3, D5-6, D7-3, D7-6, D10-3, D10-6, D15-3, D15-6, D20-3, D20-6

Direct transfer pumps use high velocity compressed air to generate a vacuum in the inlet of a smooth bore tubular body to draw dry good in bulk and then convey it in a turbulent air stream through a hose attached to the discharge end of the pump. Plastic pellets, powder beans, peas, sawdust and continuous fabric trimmings are only a few examples of the numerous itmes that can be transferred.