Happy New Year!

Below you will find the courses we will be running at Mac Valves Pacific thoughout 2010.

If you are interested in any of these, please feel free to get in contact with us via email or by phone. We would be very happy to include you. Dates will be confirmed via email.

1/2 day courses held in the mornings. Times are from 9am - 12pm

1. Vacuum - applications, products and general training.
2. Oilrite - Lubriction Designs and Applications
3. Basic Valve Repair - MAC - Understand how to rebuild the MAC Valve, parts and assembling
4. Fault Finding - How to fault find and what to do once found.
5. High Speed Applications - The design of the MAC Valve and the advantage of these valves in high speed applications. Where to use and why.

1 day course. Times are from 9am - 3.30pm

1. Basic Pnumatics - Covering: ASU, Curcuits, Valves
2. Basic Circuit Design and Applications

We hope to hear from you soon!

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Service rifle champs South Africa

May 2008, Antony Batt & Kelly Nightingale from Mac Valves New Zealand, flew to South Africa to compete in the army and police Combat rifle championships held in Bloomfontein, situated on the Armys 1000m shooting range.
Three hundred and fifty local and international shooters competing in what is considered one of the hardest service rifle events in the world.
New zealand sent in a nine Man and one woman team, who stayed in Tempe's School of Armour, Tank Base. Its was as you can imagine, an eye opener. Tanks

Kelly front left, Tony red hat
from world war one ranging all the way up to the present day, and yes the New Zealanders all had a ride!
The shooting tournement was unlike anything Kelly and Tony had ever done. Day after day the conditions challenged them from scorching hot to freezing cold! The desert in Tempe is like that, causing crazy winds and heat mirage, all confusing the point of aim. One of the top shooters in the world would later comment to Tony; "Shooting is very rarley about just putting a crosshair on the target, its all about reading conditions."
He was right.
Also as the tournement went on, the scores of the New Zealanders started to go down, this was due to the late nights and socializing and very early starts of the tournements hectic schedule. By the end of the tournement a few days rest was gladley snapped up.
The end score was as follows...

Police & Army Championships: Tony 9th, Kelly 67th

DEMM Engineering & Manufacturing Magazine October 2008

Sawmilling is in their blood

IF YOU’RE a sawmill operator in New Zealand or Australia and you’re not running Mac Valves Equipment, then you’re missing out on a wealth of industry expertise and leading edge technology. Ask anyone in the timber milling industry – Mac Valves is the tried and trusted name for wood industry solutions – including world-renound Mac valves, Canadian ‘Royal’ brand cylinders, customized Oilrite lubrication solutions, plus air springs, air service units, air dryers, Legris pneumatic fittings, and EDCO vacuum systems. Mac Valves is undoubtedly one of the most proactive companies in new Zealand’s timber industry, and lots of this can be attributed to the fact that two of its timber industry development engineers, Cliff Bruning & Craig Banks, are both ex-sawmill engineers with many years hands-on experience. They are industry champions and they know the exact needs of their customers. Banks is ex-Carter-Holt Harvey. “I have first hand knowledge of many of this country’s high-volume sawmills over a period of 18 years – mills that employ cutting-edge technology. And I’ve a couple of years of full time pneumatics industry experience,” he says. “Cliff, who covers the south island, has 11 years hands-on experience in sawmilling, primarily in second-tier niche operations, and 10 years of pneumatics industry experience under his belt too. “Together we can deliver solutions for any application in the timber industry – because we’ve already seen the ideal solution in-situ somewhere else.”

Craig Banks
Craig Banks,
MAC Valves Pacific
The range of Mac Valves, widely known as the ‘valves that don’t stick’, have reached almost legendary status in the timber industry and are globally recognized as the wood industry standard.They are designed to take a hammering over a long time and in the most atrocious of conditions.

The lightweight valves come with an 18 month guarantee and an additional lifetime guarantee on the electrical coils.

The Three ‘Rs’

Banks talks about the three ‘Rs’ when it comes to Mac valves: reliability, repeatability, and repair ability. “The repeatability factor is all about the valves ability to ‘go’ every time. On a high speed multi-trimmer, for example, there is a heck of a lot of sequence taking place, so repeatability is paramount. “Repair-ability relates to our Flat Rate Rebuild program. We can rebuild our valves and send it back to the customer for up to half the price of a brand new one, and there is a three month warranty on the rebuild product.” Mac has a valve solution for any application and the sawmilling industry – from the high flow requirements of debarkers to the high-speed multi-trimmers, planers and stackers. The valves are known for their very fast response time, and are an automatic choice in the sorting industry around the world. In New Zealand, the range of Mac products is distributed by a network of official MDN (Mac Distribution Network) representatives. And so, as Banks points out, customers are not just buying the valve, they are buying a full technical support service. The same can be said for the full range of products, including the heavy duty Royal cylinders, which Mac manufactures and assembles in New Zealand. Banks considers the Royal cylinders the ‘holy grail’ of timber application cylinders – made from highly durable materials, such as nitro-tech steel, for log turning and other functions within a timber mill. “By adding in the ‘New Zealand build’ factor, we’re also adding significant value to the cylinders,” he says. “One example is the addition of the brass scrapers to the cylinder rods.” Mac also builds Oilrite lubrication solutions, based around the self-priming Purgex pump, which Banks describes as ‘nuggety’. “These lubrication systems also happen to be selling like hotcakes at the moment.” The pumps and associated componentry are either housed within a dustproof enclosure or panel mounted. They dispense liquids, greases (up to EP2) or a liquid spray/mist, and the pumps are tested for more than 360 million cycles without any signs of wear. Banks says the whole focus of Mac Valves is to be a ‘Solutions based provider’ for New Zealand’s timber milling industry. His favorite expression when talking to potential customers is ‘Tell me where your pain is?’ “We want to know which area of production is causing you grief. The solution could be as simple as changing out a valve product,” He says.